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What is the 5D FUTURE?


This story begins with Dani, a 16 year old, tortured soul whose mom died in her arms when she was 11. She was forcefully injected into a toxic abusive family. She’s been acting out by experimenting with sex, drugs, smoking, and cutting and other cries for attention. She feels lonely, neglected and like she’s living in an alternate universe where all of the adults have gone completely bonkers. They scream at her “What’s wrong with you???” She feels like an alien. Nowhere feels like home. She doesn’t believe in God. She rationalizes to herself that if a “god” does exist, he is a very mean and cruel God for what he’s put her through.

One day when she is at her all time lowest, crying on the curb, and considering ending it all. A mysterious person suddenly appears. This person is wearing white silky gloves and an all white suit. As the sunlight reflects off her outfit, somehow rainbows glisten and appear iridescently dancing around the woman. Dani notices that the woman has a light skin complexion with White Hair and Sparkling Beautiful White teeth. The Kindest smile Dani has ever seen. She introduces herself as Poppy. They speak for a while as Dani breaks down and tells her everything she is facing.

“Have you ever heard of the 5D Future Foundation?” Poppy asks Dani.

Dani shakes her head and looks at Poppy inquisitively.

“The 5D Future Foundation is my dream come true, happily ever after, Utopian fairytale land that I dreamt about as a child. When I was being abused as a child, I would close my eyes and go to a place where there is no pain. A place full of sunshine and rainbows, and laughter, and all of us being able to fully express ourselves. A safe place where no one can hurt you. A place where no one wants to hurt you because everyone is healed and healthy and Loving. A place where everyone loves unconditionally and accepts everyone exactly as they are but also encourages each other to become our highest selves. I had always longed to share my happy place with the world, So I grew up and created it.”

“That’s ridiculous! The world is NOT all sunshine and rainbows! You’re Crazy!” Dani stated incredulously.

“My Child, Please let me explain. After I finish, You may choose to do with the information however you deem fit. Whether you choose to believe or weather you choose not to believe, so be it. But at the very least, a seed contains within it the power of the whole universe. You would not be here, as I would also not be here, if not for some divine timing.” Dani nods her head, Giving Poppy permission to continue.

“I see you. I know who you are. My soul recognizes yours. You are not like the others. You may live among them, you may try to look like them, to mirror them even, but you know deep down in your soul that something is amiss. You feel like an imposter, an alien if you will. You know something is different about you. They know it too. They are unaware of the fact that the thing which makes you different is what also makes you special and rare. They do not fairly value your worth because they have not come to terms with their own inherent self worth. That’s why they treat you the way they do. Why they make you feel like a burden.”

“I know how it feels to believe that you are disposable, I know this because they threw me away as well. They didn’t realize that a crumpled up dirty $100 dollar bill still has the same intrinsic value as a fresh new $100 bill.. But for some reason, they have belittled you so much that you no longer believe in Your Self. For so long, they told you were bad, broken beyond repair, just another bad apple. The same way a slow trickle of water, hollows even the strongest of rocks; lie after lie, You started to believe them.”

“I can see the pain you have accumulated inside you, with no outlet from which it may escape. I recognize the tiger stripes on your arms. I can still recall a time when self infliction seemed to be the only option left. I felt like that was the only way to release the pain, or perhaps, I told myself I deserved the pain. Society may have written you off, But that's because they only view you as a lump of coal. But I see a beautiful Diamond praying and begging for someone to care enough to help it achieve its fullest potential.”

Dani’s Jaw literally dropped. She thought to herself, “Who is this crazy woman? How does she know so much about me? She’s so genuine and nice. I’ve never met any adult like this before. But she’s so crazy...She’s giving me total Willy Wonka vibes right now.”

“How do you.. Who are are crazy!” Dani stammers out while shaking her head in disbelief

Poppy puts her hands on her stomach, looks up at the sky and laughs loudly, almost howling.

“My sweet child, Crazy is just a word that people use when they do not understand a person or thing. I am not Crazy. I am Wilde! Poppy Love Wilde as a matter of fact! And you.. You are a Wilde child as well.” She giggles out while gesturing in a really dramatic way.

Dani Shakes her head dismissively and looks at Poppy with a look of harsh judgement on her face.

“Tell me more about this fairytale “Lala land full of sunshine and rainbows”, Does this place even really exist?” Dani asks sarcastically

“Ah Yes, Great question! Thank you soo much for allowing me to pontificate about my greatest creation! I own 428 acres, upon which, micro clusters of self sustainable communities coming together to work towards one common goal. The goal is to turn Victims into Victors by turning our traumas into triumphs and our woes into WHOAS; in order to become Peaceful Love Warriors; who eventually graduate and leave to become beacons of light, love, and hope, Illuminating a world consumed by darkness.

The Program aims to guide teens just like you, to work through our traumas/ shatter the illusion/ and then, upon completion, emerge as Masters of Self Mastery from the University of the Universe! Imagine, if you will, something very similar to a military basic training, but the exact opposite. You see, Discipline which comes externally, is imprisonment, But Discipline which comes from within is empowerment, Which is why self discipline is of the utmost importance.”

Poppy can tell by the confused look on Dani’s face that she’s still not understanding.

She thinks for a moment while tapping her chin and then reaches into her pocket revealing a pair of glasses.

“How Silly of me to have forgotten, Perception is EVERYTHING! Allow me your eyes and I will Show you a glimpse through the window into the 5D realm” She extends her arm to Dani, offering her the glasses.

Dani puts them on and can not believe her eyes. Every light and even reflections have these Rainbows illuminating off of it. She gazes towards the sun and the rainbow spectrum coming off of the sun. She gasps. “The colors are so vibrant and neon! There’s shades of colors here I've never seen in my whole life!, What are these?”

“Alas, these are my perception shifting spectacles. I coined them as 5D Eyeware. My slogan is Iwear 5D Eyeware, do you?.” Poppy exclaims with a smug and proud smile while rubbing her hands together and gesturing like some kind of maniacal genius.

“5D Eyeware, huh, these are pretty cool! Did you make these? How did you do this?”

“Do not trouble the mind as to the how, for the how should always be left up to the source of infinite wisdom to decide. Rather shift your focus to the rainbows. I DID create the glasses, But I DID NOT create the rainbows. They have been here this whole time. We just didn’t always have the ability to see them, until now.”

Dani is still having a hard time trusting this mysterious, angelic, woman who speaks in riddles and metaphors. Every adult Dani has encountered has let her down, hurt her, or abandoned her.

“How can I know if I can really trust you?” Dani asks vulnerably.

“That is another great question! But we must ask a different question first,and that is, What is trust? Trust has less to do with others than it does ourselves. We must ask ourselves, ‘Do I trust myself so much, that no matter the outcome of a situation, I know I will be ok’. If you know deep down that you will always be there for yourself, you can trust yourself to be bold and fearlessly explore the depths of the universe. And If you find yourself too small to believe in, then I recommend you find something bigger than yourself to put your faith into.” Poppy continued,

“But to directly answer your question as to whether or not you can instill your trust in me, I give you my word that my soul purpose on this earth is to keep the children safe. Nothing in this world matters more to me than ensuring that you are safe and well loved and well cared for. For you are a precious, delicate, innocent soul destined for greatness! My job here on Earth is to protect you and nurture your soul, and believe in you soo much that you begin to believe in yourself”

“If this 5D Future Foundation place even really does exist, how can I be apart of it?” Dani asks, for the first time even entertaining the idea of attending.

“Divine Universal Timing is never late nor early, but always precisely and exactly as it should be. When the time is right, everything will line up accordingly, and you will not have a single doubt in your mind, for your soul will know and guide you accordingly. Unfortunately, The timing right now is off, for I can sense the resistance. Do not fret nor worry the mind, my love, because the stars are conspiring in your favor, and soon you will receive relief from your grief ”

“How can I contact you when and if I’m ready?” Dani asks

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear, trust the process, my dear. For now I must go as my presence is required elsewhere.”

Poppy opens her arms, offering a hug to Dani. Dani accepts the offer and embraces Poppy in a hug. For a brief moment, Poppy’s hug reminds Dani of the way her mom used to hug her before she died.

Poppy waves goodbye as she walks off, leaving Dani alone on the corner. Dani glances down at the time and when she looks back up and around, Poppy is nowhere to be found

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