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What is a box of Butterflies?

What is a box of butterflies?

This isn’t your traditional butterfly metaphor about an insect. The one where the caterpillar encapsulates itself in it’s own shell and then internally implodes during a rather dark phase; But then miraculously emerges as a beautiful mosaic, composed from fragments of what the butterfly once was. That is a beautiful metaphor representing the “hero's journey” metamorphosis the caterpillar must undergo in order to grow its wings and ascend.

So what does it mean to have a box of butterflies?

You know, those Butterflies that you get in your stomach when joy is pulsating through you? The thrill kids exude when they have a box of butterflies and they're super excited to show their friends.

The Butterflies you get in your stomach when you first start dating or about to do something scary for the first time.

You’re terrified and excited at the same time. “IT” is a sensational feeling of pure, euphoric, ecstasy which percolates through our nervous systems.

Some people might refer to “IT” as their “innocence”. While others may call it their “Power”.

I call it butterflies because whatever “IT” is, “IT” creates a large amount of energy. I imagine it’s the butterflies flapping around inside, all happy and contained, that generates the energy

With out Butterflies to generate new energy, a person usually, in someway, feels depleted.. A feeling similar to the extreme flu-like-fatigue a person may experience as depression. An overwhelming, existential feeling that something is missing, some kind of void that needs to be filled. A constant reminder that your box is butterflyless. They might even grow jealous or envious of the people who still have their box of butterflies.

All forms of energy are a commodity. Everyone loves energy. Kids are great at harnessing butterflies, So they usually have an abundance of energy. This is where the energy vampires come in. When a person has lost their ability to regenerate their own butterfly’s, They seek out other’s. Usually someone once forcefully stole their box of butterflies, So now they go around stealing others. Not realizing that the happiness they get from stolen butterflies is temporary. And so the cycle continues.

How can a person harness their own energy- generating butterflies?

There’s 3 options that a butterfly-less person can choose:

Option 1: Do nothing, remain a victim and live a butterfly-less life.

Feeling inadequate leads to impotence

Option 2: Continue to fuel your appetite by syphoning off of others.

Option 3: Heal, Forgive yourself, forgive the thief that stole your butterflies. Revitalize by creating something. Start creating space for new energy. Borrow a butterfly from a friend if you need a jumpstart. Energy in motion remains in motion.. Care for and nurture your little butterfly. Celebrate even the smallest amount of joyful energy it creates. Keep doing your shadow work. Keep digging and digesting your inner worms and birthing new butterflies. Love your butterflies like they are the most important gift you will ever receive in life. Gradually, the void will be filled and replaced with a vortex of energy- generating joyful butterflies. This is the true source of our omnipotent power. Share your abundance of butterfly energy with the world. Lend a butterfly to a friend and teach them how to harness their own.. This is the way of the Peaceful Love Warriors.

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