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How to Reconnect with your Inner-G

We want to thank you in advance

for Your attendance;

and also the expense

of your patience,

In exchange

For the value of our 2 cents.

First a little about ourselves

We identify as the voice of the voiceless

Providing vision for the sightless

You see, I’m blessed and cursed

with enlightenments.

Some are apperceptive discernments;

acquired through observance,

And an abundance of experience.

Others are multi-dimensional

universal apparitions

Fragments of these visions

transmits apprehensions,

of corruptions and deceptions.

The mission envisions,

to translate comprehensive images.

to create synergies of

emotional disturbance

the catalyst that fuels

a movements eruptance

Our intents to be of service

and express our souls purpose

through verbal experiments.

in attempts to convince

Us to seek deliverance

From our imprisonments

of fear based disciplines

We hope this finds resonance

We pray you use our clairvoyance

As a personal request,

for you to harness

your own limitless


Perception is reality because

reality is a reflection

of what we perceive.

Have faith and believe

Your intuitive decrees

Visions are more than

what the eyes can see

I deliver this message

with urgent importance.

I get the sense

that we are all fed up with

being servants

and peasants.

enslaved to the 1%

indebted to commitments

of others incompetence.

We believe Our thirst

for justice

can only be quenched

by vengeance

But our desire to assert dominance

over our ascendants

to gain back our independence

costs us our Benevolence

and our innocence

In politics,

Profits takes precedence over ethics.

They hire psychologists and Scientists,

to predict the long term effectiveness,

of systematic divisiveness

using the strategic planning

of catastrophic events,

in attempts

to manipulate our perspectives.

provoking emotion

to shift their contentious

motives into motion

Pitting us against each other

like we’re contestants

Utilizing scarcity and insecurity

to convince us to relinquish our

fundamental liberties and privacies

for the illusion of stability and securities

What this articulates are

the deliberations of

De liberating our nation's

foundation through

dividing up our allegiance.

Eroding and weakening the pieces

Of our nations

Declarations of Independence

Accelerating in increments

through infringements

of our constitutional amendments

With no intentions of Reparations, retributions or Reprievements

for our grievance

indoctrinating Apathy which enables


and divisions within nations.

The boiling frog syndrome depicts

how stagnation elicits

a decrease in reactiveness.

By Incrementally increasing the temps

The frog adapts

to acclimate to the elements

succumbed by death

due to his complacence

He parishes

numbed by his unawareness

of subtle shifts

in his environments

Collective consensus

causes Blindness

leading to indecisiveness

Leading to continuous decelerations

in the collective consciousness

Now Before you prepare a response

to this consider this:

evaluate your own responsiveness,

does it reach past your provenance

and surpass the invisible divisions

of your province?

The solution for the revolution

resides within our own residence

Isn’t it intense

that we tend to wince

when we witness

vagrants living in tents

Will we do something?

The suspense is immense.

Instead we shrug it off without interference.

We hold no condolence for the homeless

We somehow justify that our existence

is superior to offering assistance.

What this represents is

we let our Narcissistic arrogance.

give appearance too much significance

causing indifference

which stems from imperious ignorance.

Our vice is we hide inside our devices soulless

Hopeless avoidance

in hopes to avoid this

mysterious void that fills us,

this massive hole

leading into a painful abyss,

depleting us of our bliss


by external happiness

We mask it with our proverbial white fence

and take offense

from any triggering disturbance

while we create harsh judgements

towards any inconvenience

Obviously, oblivious

to our own sins.

Others experience of this belligerence

is the cause for all the resistance

for instance:

our lack of acceptance

for coexistence

causes us to grow distant.

As parents our intentions

are conscientious

but because of Our lack

of emotional intelligence

and ineptness of our own

self governance,

We undeniably treat them as investments

and possessions.

We compensate our absence

By giving gifts and presents

instead of our undistracted visceral presence

Through our negligence

We traumatize our own dependents.

We indoctrinate the importance of submissive obedience

And perpetual docile subservience.

We give praise for institutional achievements,

Without implicating the value of self sufficience

The distinguishment

is one dictates and

facilitates accomplishments

while the other implements

through self disciplines

And self developments

We preach these insignificant

adult lessons

But fail to teach the significance

of adolescence

We obsess over trying to ensure their protections.

But our skewed intolerances

triggers past transgressions.

Creating projections of aggressions

Which inturn relays oppressions

the consequence

of this transference

encrypts a script

of belittlements

into their subconscious

This deficit imprints

the feeling of Insufficiency

with permanence.

Breeding resistance,

hesitance and deterrence.

feeling inadequate

manifests into impotence.

This cycle isn’t a coincidence

The cyclical adherence

of this generational inheritance,

Can only end through the complete severance

from that which allows its prevalence

and embrace our sovereign emergence

out of sufferance

The relevance of this rhetoric

is to replace violence with vigilance

So we can achieve perseverance

through our resilience

we must set aside our difference

and eliminate the reluctance

in our forgiveness

mitigate our reverences and

meditate on our transcendence

the world begs for our repentance

of our pestilence

and negligence

lets exchange it for persistence

and elegance

Let’s prove our intelligence

through our kindness

and gentleness

to those who express helplessness

unity is the only evidence

to end the endless malevolence

which perpetuates our silence

We achieve this

when we authentically express

humility and transparency

of our ailments and talents

and cultivate the courage

and strength of giants

my advice is to heal

by finding worthiness

through holiness

by detoxing the toxins

withholding your whole ness

Here’s the gist of how to manifest

harmonious balance

clarity peace and awareness:

Survive your traumatic circumstance

by perceiving it with resilience

Strive to reveal and heal the void

so it can be filled with abundance

Revive by releasing the conditions

which are creating resistance

Revitalize your passions

by creating something of substance

Thrive on produces

that produces sustenance

Drink alkaline water

and consume nutrient dense

foods rich in antioxidants

Remember, we’re all basically just houseplants

This will awaken our cognizance

and enhance our

stream of consciousness

Leading us to the entrance

Of our divine providence

the internal compass

that provides our guidance


to the essence

that coordinates all science

Entranced by its inhabitants

leaving us in a hypnotic trance

An Electrifying poetic experience

It’s energy pulsates

through us as it percolates

with fierce effervescence

Flooding our hearts

with joyful ambiance

Freeing our Souls

to dance without


In this vortex

Healing our ailments

becomes intrinsic

We no longer fear being dense invalids

As we align with our purpose

and courageously step into our greatness

The stars align and attracts in congruence

And Unfolds with repose

to increase our influence

Through searching and unearthing

our purpose and passions

we detach from the differences

and comparisons

and instead sow seeds

of acceptance and compassions

seizing each moment without hesitance

cultivates seeds of empowerments

that surpasses our common sense

Thus ceasing the insatiable seeking

of validations and compliments

in order to have confidence

in our competence

because the renaissance

of our brilliance

is a resource from the source

of all omniscience

and excellence

Let’s Present our gifts

with clear conveyance

And remain steadfast

to maintain transparence

Do our best

to interpret and translate

what it represents

regardless of the package

in which it presents

Contained within us

is the medicine to create miracles

Let’s aspire to use our elixirs

to cure the blindness

and inspire others to recognize

their own radiance and magnificents.

Poppy Love Wilde

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